How Snapchat Become The Best Social App

As of the time of writing, social media app Snapchat is now being valued at an unbelievable 10 billion dollars. It’s the classic story of a simple idea evolving into a lucrative business venture, which is exactly how the Snapchat phenomenon began.

The idea for Snapchat was born in 2011 when 21 year old Evan Spiegal had an incredibly simple-yet-ingenious idea. His roommate had been texting a lady friend of his, when he turned to Spiegal and said: “I wish the pictures I was sending to this girl would disappear once I’ve sent them.” 

And that’s all it took. At that moment, the idea which Snapchat porn is based around was born. The concept is so simple that many people would consider it futile, however, the app’s growing success is proof that it’s the simplest ideas which people will latch onto.

Right from the app’s iteration, there was a stigma attached to the idea of photos which disappear that the app would solely be used for sexting purposes. It was believed that the only demographic who would use such a platform would be teenagers and people in their early-twenties sending risqué photos, and while this demographic does indeed make up a large percentage of its user base, Snapchat offers a lot more than convenient sexting.

As of 2017, Snapchat currently has around 158 million users worldwide, just surpassing Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest in terms of active daily users. While not yet approaching media giants Facebook or YouTube, it is predicted to attract another 50 million worldwide users before 2020.

So, there’s no way 150 million people are sending and receiving nude photographs every day, right? Nope, in fact, Snapchat has been adapted into a marketing technique by global companies and celebrities the world over. The abrupt, temporary information which Snapchat has become known for is perfect to use as “teasers” for products, movies, music and projects.

Likewise, with the advent of Snapchat filters, the world has become obsessed with adding some colorful flair to their faces. You’ve no doubt seen them: bunny ears, animal faces, flowery halos, panda eyes – you name it. If you can think of it, there’s probably a Snapchat filter for it.

These unique designs have become a haven for celebrities and companies to promote themselves. For example, everyone’s favorite eighties action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger recently used the Terminator filter to promote his new movie – something which fans lapped up. This was apparently one of the most well-received marketing strategies in recent movie history, and it required very little in the way of preparation or execution.

What’s the secret of Snapchat’s success? Well, it comes down to the idea that in the modern age, people are more likely to consume visual content than text media. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Snapchat is focused almost entirely on pictures and videos. Therefore, it speaks to modern millennial culture, as well as to people who find it more convenient to digest visual information as opposed to written information.

However you might feel about this, we can say one thing for sure: Snapchat isn’t going anywhere. It’s here for the long haul, and in a few years’ time, it may even reach the dizzying heights of Facebook popularity.

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